Is Dennis Wolf Natural?

Who Is Dennis Wolf?

Dennis Wolf is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder who has been recognized by many experts as one of today’s greatest. His height, symmetry, and mass are a pure representation of what a modern bodybuilder should look like. In the eyes of many, he could’ve arguably won the Mr. Olympia in 2007 and placed ahead of Phil Heath in 2014. Likewise, there are few Arnold Classic titles that he controversially lost.

A serious neck injury that required surgery sidelined him from competing back in 2016. After much speculation regarding his possible retirement, the Big Bad Wolf confirmed that he would be coming back to compete at the 2018 Arnold Classic, in Columbus. Wolf has mentioned that his family and army of loyal fans are what kept him motivated to return to the stage.

Dennis Wolf Bodybuilder

Dennis Wolf Stats

Age: 39 (October 1, 1978)

Height: 5’11 (Some claim that he’s actually taller)

Competition Weight: 260lbs

Arms: 22 Inches

Legs: 32 Inches

Chest: 56 Inches

Waist: 29 Inches

Professional Bodybuilding Career

Dennis Wolf started his bodybuilding career as an amateur back in 1999, competing in multiple IFBB sanctioned shows in Europe. After participating in more than ten amateur shows and winning most of them, he took the heavyweight and overall title at the 2005 IFBB World Championship; earning his professional status.

Wolf made his pro debut at the 2006 Europa Super Show and continued to win six professional contests, until his injury-related break in 2016. His most notable win is the 2014 Arnold Classic Ohio although taking third place at the 2013 Mr. Olympia is also a very impressive accomplishment.

Dennis Wolf vs Jay Cutler 2007

One of the most controversial Mr. Olympia competitions in history dates back to 2007 where a young Dennis finished in fifth place. Jay Cutler won his second Olympia title in an unpopular fashion. The general consensus among the experts and fans of the sport was that both Victor Martinez and Dennis Wolf should’ve placed ahead of that year’s winner.

The same controversy followed Dennis Wolf at the 2011 and 2012 Arnold Classic competitions where he finished second to Branch Warren on both occasions. A lot of people still firmly believe that he should’ve defeated Warren and taken the titles. This would lead us to believe that Dennis Wolf is easily one of the world’s best but most underrated bodybuilders ever.

Dennis Wolf Comeback

After a break that spanned almost two years, Dennis confirmed via social media that he would be coming back to compete at the 2018 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic. A lot of fans were concerned about his return to the stage and doubted if he had the ability to come back and compete at his best.

Although some of his social media previews leading up to the contest showed a smaller (than usual) Dennis – his conditioning and symmetry looked the same as they always did. Once the contest rolled around, Wolf actually looked very good. He finished a respectable 12th place in a lineup that he could have arguably bested at his best.

Dennis Wolf 2018 Arnold Classic

Although downsized, his physique looked incredible and he will inevitably return back to normal with a few more months of training. If he continues to progress at the rate that he is currently doing, we will surely see him on the Olympia stage very soon.

Is He Natural?

Dennis Wolf is a professional bodybuilder that has won some of bodybuilding’s most prestigious titles. He has also managed to finish in the top five at the Mr. Olympia on multiple occasions – arguably deserving to place a lot higher than he actually did. In order to be competitive and defeat all the elite athletes that he did within the IFBB, he needed to compete at a staggering 260lbs.

As massive as he is, his insane physique is a direct result of his elite bodybuilding genetics. His frame, small waist, and muscle bellies make him appear a lot bigger than he truly is. Not to say that he isn’t big, he simply carries his weight a lot better than the shorter competitors. Some would say that he actually needs more muscle to fill out his already impressive frame.

Legal Steroids for Bodybuilding

If we take all of this into consideration, there’s a possibility that the elite bodybuilder has possibly used some form of performance enhancement at some point. When he underwent surgery he lost a considerable amount of size but this is probably due to his lack of training and proper nutrition during this tough period.

Even though he made a return to the competitive stage, we can’t forget that it took him approximately two years to get ready for it. His size increase was slow and steady and he was consistent with his dieting and training. Although it’s likely that he possibly used PEDs to get ready to compete again – his impressive physique is a direct result of his hard work and dedication.

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