Is Jeff Seid Natural?

Who Is Jeff Seid?

Jeff Seid is a professional men’s physique competitor and one of the world’s most popular male fitness athletes. Since he was just a teenager, Jeff was involved in different athletic activities such as football, track, and wrestling. Although he was always physically athletic and strong at a young age; he took up weightlifting in his early years to gain a physical advantage over the competition.

After establishing himself as one of the most promising high school athletes in the country, he injured his ACL twice which put his future college plans on hold. After undergoing surgery to correct the injury, he decided to focus all his efforts on bodybuilding. The men’s physique division had recently been created within the IFBB/NPC and he decided to give it a shot.

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It was almost as if destiny had played a role because Jeff easily earned professional status and quickly set the standard for what the newly created division should look like. It didn’t take long before he made his way to the prestigious Mr. Olympia stage to compete with the best.

Even though his achievements as a professional athlete put him on the map; his work outside the bodybuilding realm is what really propelled his popularity. Jeff built an enormous following on social media and has been an advocate for the “aesthetic lifestyle”. He believes that there’s more to life than being on a competitive stage.

Jeff Seid Stats

As far as Jeff Seid’s stats go there isn’t much information out there to go on; other than what we found below.

Age: 23 (June 12, 1994)

Height: 6’0 (183cm)

Weight: 210lbs (95 kg)

Jeff Seid Transformation

Men’s Physique Competitor and Fitness Icon

It will be very difficult to find someone who’s into fitness that doesn’t know who Jeff Seid is. His transformation article on and YouTube channel sparked a lot of interest among the bodybuilding & fitness community that would rapidly contribute to his growing popularity. The photos showing an already muscular physique at a young age motived thousands of younger lifters to join the gym and transform their bodies.

Jeff managed to make a huge impact because he destroyed the traditional conception of what a bodybuilder/fitness athlete should be. He promoted a unique image that revolved around working out and enjoying life to the fullest. A lot of his followers are young teenagers that strive to achieve a lifestyle that revolves around working out, meeting girls, and having fun – which is arguably normal. Plenty of individuals have voiced their opinion online about how they don’t agree with this outlook on lifting.

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Plenty of successful bodybuilders and fitness models have gone on record and admitted that they originally started lifting to gain popularity, look good shirtless, and get female attention. Eventually, they all transitioned into a stricter lifestyle that revolved around being the best at what they do.

No matter how you look at it, Jeff Seid is one of bodybuilding’s most popular personalities. He has built a marketable image that a lot of people relate to and strive to achieve. Unlike some social media stars that just look good online, he’s actually competed and earned his spot among the best in the IFBB. Jeff is the real deal and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Is He Natural?

For the longest time, people have questioned if Jeff Seid is natural and if he’s taken anabolic steroids; as you would image, there are plenty of mixed opinions. Generally speaking, advanced lifters believe that there’s a chance that he’s used performance enhancement at some point. Beginners who aren’t as experienced on the subject share the opposite opinion and think that he is natural. So, who should we believe and what’s the truth?

Let’s start off by saying that it’s impossible to know or guess if anyone has ever taken any PEDs unless they physically admit to it. Although beginners are sometimes guilty of being gullible and believing that everyone is natural; advanced lifters are often paranoid and in denial when it comes down to analyzing certain physiques.

Is Jeff Seid Natural

The fact that Jeff Seid is a fitness icon and top IFBB men’s physique competitor would lead a lot of people to believe that he could possibly be enhanced. But, what happens if we take a look at his athletic background and overall physical, objectively? Jeff has been training for approximately twelve years, he’s always been an elite athlete, and his physique doesn’t scream steroids.

He’s always hovered around the same weight and stays in incredible shape year-round. His strength -although impressive- isn’t extreme like that of a professional bodybuilder. Yes, he weighs over 200lbs but he’s also a tall guy with a large and wide frame. If you add everything up, it’s highly likely that Jeff Seid is a genetic freak and therefore natural.

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