Is Chris Bumstead Natural?

Who is Chris Bumstead?

Chris Bumstead is a Canadian IFBB Classic Physique Pro and one of bodybuilding’s most promising talents.

The young athlete first made his way into the bodybuilding scene by winning the heavyweight division -and earning pro status- at the 2016 IFBB North American Championships.

Even though he turned pro as an open bodybuilder; he rapidly announced that he would be making the switch to the newly-created classic physique division.

His career started off very fast and it didn’t take long before he took home his first win at the 2017 Toronto Pro – which would qualify him for the 2017 Olympia.

Chris Bumstead Classic Aesthetics

It soon became clear that the young Canadian would be a legitimate threat for the classic physique Olympia title.

This was later confirmed as Chris ended up placing second at his first ever Olympia appearance, behind Breon Ansley. Read more

Is Heidi Somers Natural?

Who Is Heidi Somers?

Heidi Somers –known also as Buff Bunny- is a fitness model, entrepreneur, and social media sensation. Combined, she has a total of nearly three million fans that follow her every move, online.

Heidi is currently one the most talked-about female athletes due to her widely successful trajectory in the world of health and fitness.

Unlike most fitness personalities that come from an impressive athletic background – Heidi didn’t actually discover fitness until later in life.

Her loyal fans probably already know this, but Heidi grew up in a small town called North Pole, that’s located in –you guessed it- Alaska.

Heidi Somers

Growing up, Heidi was homeschooled and wasn’t really into sports. It wasn’t until she moved to Texas to further her studies that she discovered her passion for fitness.

After a drastic lifestyle change, she found comfort in food; which led her to gain 40lbs. After realizing what had happened, she was keen on losing the extra weight.

Through her own hard and dedication, Heidi lost the extra pounds and jumped on a path that would soon take her to unimaginable levels of success within the fitness industry.

Today, Heidi Somers is a household name in the homes of millions of people that look at her for inspiration towards realizing their own fitness goals. Read more

Is Courtney King Natural?

Who Is Courtney King?

Courtney King is an IFBB Professional athlete, accomplished fitness model, and the winner of the 2016 Ms. Olympia title.

In her biography, she mentions that fitness has always been a huge part of her life. This has greatly contributed to the level of success that she has achieved throughout her career.

Growing up, she was always very active and practiced sports such as soccer, gymnastics – and even cross country athletics.

Courtney King Bikini

It wasn’t until she decided to join the gym that she discovered that competitive female bodybuilding was her true passion and where she belonged to be.

She was only a junior in high school when someone at the gym asked her if she competed. This question lit the spark that would later take her to become the best IFBB bikini competitor on the planet. Read more

Is Nikki Blackketter Natural?

Who is Nikki Blackketter?

Nikki Blackketter is a fitness model, entrepreneur, bikini competitor, and social media influencer. Nikki owns one of YouTube’s most successful fitness channels and is a Gymshark sponsored athlete.

Before social media was flooded with a gazillion fitness posts and personalities – there was Nikki Blackketter.

Nikki promoted health and fitness before it was actually a thing and gained an impressive following while doing so.

Nikki Blackketter Fitness

Originally an NPC bikini competitor, Nikki expanded her horizons towards entrepreneurship and drifted away from the competitive bodybuilding lifestyle.

Even though fitness is still a huge part of her life – her efforts are focused on lifestyle blogging, traveling, and other entertaining subjects.

Her widespread popularity has allowed her to be a strong pillar of the fitness community; inspiring millions of people to reach their health & fitness goals. Read more

Benefits of Using the Max Gains Cutting Stack

Max Gains Cutting Stack Benefits

Before we tackle the benefits of using the Max Gains Cutting Stack, it's important to note that when you decide to commit yourself to serious training; it is vital to take certain factors into consideration.

Some people are just not strong enough to endure multiple weight-lifting sessions. Furthermore, others have a hard time getting used to a proper diet and exercise plan.

Because of that, men and women from all over the world have been known to put their bodies at risk and start using steroids.

Dumbbell Preacher Curl

That often requires them to inject themselves with suspicious anabolic substances that can help them build muscle mass and lose fat at a faster pace.

Sadly, these results come at a very high price that just isn't worth the benefits. Steroids are illegal and extremely dangerous to the human body and its overall health.

For this reason, legal steroids -like the Max Gains Cutting Stack- that are 100% safe and legal to use, have taken over the worldwide bodybuilding market.

Max Gains Cutting Stack: Product Overview

Once the offseason is over and you're fully bulked up – it's time to start cutting, so you can get shredded and show off what you've built.

To see good results, you will have to change your diet and start doing cardio. Plus, you'll also have to motivate yourself to work out even harder.

Your cutting diet should consist of low-calorie meals that can possibly lead to fatigue and low stamina. Therefore, it will be vital to take the right supplements so that you can continue working on your physique with full force.

Max Gains Cutting Stack

Not getting enough nutrients can lead to muscle loss, which will hinder your progress significantly. But, by taking the right nutrients (legal steroids), you can easily avoid that.

The Max Gains Cutting Stack is the perfect tool to help you keep your hard-earned muscle, as you progress through your cutting cycle and continue to get leaner.

Should you choose to use the stack, you'll receive three legal steroid bottles: Trenoven, Venabol, and Promolex. Let's take a good look at what makes each of these legal cutting steroids special.


These pills mimic the effects of Trenbolone, a powerful steroid used to obliterate body fat, build muscle and increase strength levels. However, in contrast to the steroid, Trenoven will not harm you in any way.

Trenoven will help you burn body fat without losing your muscle mass. In addition, it will also help you get stronger and leaner.

The ingredients found in these pills will help you continue your muscle-building journey without having to worry about any side effects.



Unlike its steroid counterpart, Dianabol, Venabol lets you train harder at the gym in a natural and completely legal manner.

Venabol is a crucial puzzle piece of the Max Gains Cutting Stack because it plays a huge role in enhancing your stamina and helping you endure harder and more strenuous workouts.

The cutting phase is a challenging one, especially if you are doing it for the first time. But, Venabol has the key ingredients that will help you achieve the best results in a tight time frame.

Not only will you be able to do more reps, but you will also feel energized after a workout. Your ability to recover will also be that much greater.



The third supplement bottle in this stack, Promolex, is going to help you create sustainable muscle definition.

Promolex is a legal Primobolan alternative that mimics the positive cutting effects of the popular anabolic steroid.

Promolex protects your lean muscle mass while you are following a low-calorie diet. Thus, you will be able to keep your muscles and burn fat at the same time.


Benefits of Using the Max Gains Cutting Stack

Your health will stay intact

The stack contains natural ingredients that only mimic the positive effects of popular cutting steroids. Because of this, you can expect your health to stay in top-notch condition.

This means that by using the Max Gains Cutting Stack, you will be able to successfully undergo a cutting cycle in a much safe, cheaper, and more effective manner.

You will burn fat and prevent water retention

The carefully selected ingredients in this stack will allow you to continue burning fat as you progress through the cycle. However, once you stop using the stack, fat-burning properties could still be present; weeks after its use.

By using these legal steroids, you will look leaner and healthier in a matter of weeks. In addition, Trenoven also works as a diuretic and can help you prevent water retention; making you look lean, hard, and vascular.

You will experience an endurance boost

When you cut your caloric intake after a bulking period, it is quite normal to feel tired after a gym workout. But, tiredness often leads to a lack of motivation, which will certainly prevent you from continuing your fitness journey.

The Max Gains Cutting Stack deals with that problem as well. When you start using these supplements, you will notice an endurance boost. The pills will let you work out harder, and you will be able to perform difficult exercises, without sacrificing your energy levels.

You will feel stronger

Low-calorie diets can make you feel weak and exhausted. Hence, it is vital to substitute the calories for a supplement that will mimic the effects of a high-calorie diet.

The ingredients found in these pills will help you maintain your strength levels at the gym. Furthermore, your energy levels will also increase, which means that you will be able to lift weights and exercise more often.

You will see the results in just a few weeks

If you train hard and you follow a proper diet, you can expect to see significant results in a few months. However, when you add supplements to the equation – the results can come even faster and be that much greater.

It's important to note that this doesn’t mean that the pills are magic. You still have to follow a workout plan and eat the right foods. If you can manage to pull it off – you will be very happy with your gym progression.

You don’t have to inject yourself

Lastly, one of the most important advantages of this stack is the fact that you only have to take a few capsules every day.

Injecting yourself with suspicious anabolic chemicals will not get you far. In fact, it could seriously harm your health and hinder your progress. Steroids are powerful, but the side effects are not worth the trouble.

This is one of the main reasons that bodybuilders are looking into legal steroids instead of traditional anabolics. Because, that way, they'll be getting similar results without having to put up with injections, insomnia, and anxiety.


The Max Gains Cutting Stack is the perfect addition to any serious bodybuilder's cycle. The stack contains a series of high-quality supplements that will provide the human body with the necessary nutrients to grow, get lean, and recover.

Not only will you be able to keep your gains with this stack as you become leaner – but you will also feel energized and strong throughout the entire cutting period.

bodybuilder at the gym resting

Legal steroids are completely safe, legal, and natural. You won't have to worry about suffering from any side effects, and best of all – they're a lot more affordable than anabolics.

If you're tired of being fluffy and are ready to get shredded, the Max Gains Cutting Stack is a good tool that will help you reach your goals. Just remember that you'll need to eat right and go hard at the gym.

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Is Ashley Kaltwasser Natural?

Who Is Ashley Kaltwasser?

Ashley Kaltwasser is one of the most successful competitors to have ever graced the Ms. Bikini Olympia stage; winning the prestigious competition on three consecutive occasions. She’s also a fitness cover model and one of social media’s most popular fitness personalities.

Even though she’s the only woman in the history of the sport to have successfully defended the Olympia title – she’s also won numerous contests around the world; including the legendary Arnold Classic.

Ashley Kaltwasser

Ashley has shaped a physique that embodies what a bikini competitor should like, down to perfection. She’s lean, muscular, and above all –athletic.

Outside of competing, she’s built an enormous following on social media – becoming one of the most followed personalities in the game. Her growing popularity has allowed her to inspire and motivate millions of people around the world to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Read more

Benefits of Using the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

Benefits of Using Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

Building muscle mass at the gym and constantly working on your physique is not for the faint-hearted. Serious training requires you to have a great level of stamina, as well as both physical and mental strength.

However, some people have a hard time seeing the results. There are many reasons behind this, and one of them is purely genetic: they just aren’t built for the gym. But, they shouldn’t give up – not when there are supplements like the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack on the market.

crazy bulk results Read more

Is Amanda Bucci Natural?

Who Is Amanda Bucci?

Amanda Bucci is a successful business and lifestyle coach that first made waves on social media as a fitness influencer. Her trajectory within the health and fitness industry has truly been nothing short of amazing.

Although Amanda originally got her start as a fitness vlogger on YouTube; she eventually gravitated towards the business side of social media and is now a very accomplished entrepreneur.

Her unique personality, impressive physique, and quality content quickly positioned her as one of social media’s most recognizable female fitness athletes.

Amanda Bucci

Amanda Bucci’s physique is truly the perfect embodiment of what can the female human body is capable of achieving through hard work, persistence, and dedication.

With an incredible physique and nearly one million combined followers on social media; it’s not hard to see why so many people look up to her for motivation on a daily basis.

But, is Amanda Bucci Natural? Here’s what we think. Read more

NooCube Natural Nootropic

Noocube Natural Nootropic a Safe Cognitive Enhancer (No Prescription Required)

Is there really an all-natural nootropic brain pill that can elevate all your cognitive functions? A quick look around the web reveals that NooCube Natural Nootropic is one of the best brain supplement that can maximize your brain's full potential. In this review of NooCube, you'll see how this smart drug works and how you can benefit from taking it every day.

Why Bodybuilders May Want To Consider Taking a Nootropic

Most men and women think about nootropics for studying or better focus at work. What many don't know is that they can also come in handy when practicing any kind of sport or athletic activity such as bodybuilding that requires plenty of focus and motivation.

To see great results, it takes a lot more than walking into to the gym and going through the motions. In order to gain muscle, you need focus. Unlocking your body's mind-muscle connection will lead you to unlock a new world of benefits that I'm sure you once believed never existed.

What Is NooCube? How Does It Work?

NooCube contains a special blend of proprietary ingredients dosed at just the right amount to supercharge your brain. Some of the notable benefits you'll feel include better memory, quicker information recall, unparalleled focus and enhanced concentration.

NooCube Natural Nootropic

At its core, NooCUbe is a daily dietary supplement that will make your brain work better and more efficiently. The nootropic helps get rid of the pesky “brain fog” you're feeling when you're trying to recall certain information, but couldn't. Read more

Is Jeff Seid Natural?

Who Is Jeff Seid?

Jeff Seid is a professional men’s physique competitor and one of the world’s most popular male fitness athletes. Since he was just a teenager, Jeff was involved in different athletic activities such as football, track, and wrestling. Although he was always physically athletic and strong at a young age; he took up weightlifting in his early years to gain a physical advantage over the competition.

After establishing himself as one of the most promising high school athletes in the country, he injured his ACL twice which put his future college plans on hold. After undergoing surgery to correct the injury, he decided to focus all his efforts on bodybuilding. The men’s physique division had recently been created within the IFBB/NPC and he decided to give it a shot.

Jeff Seid Magazine Cover

It was almost as if destiny had played a role because Jeff easily earned professional status and quickly set the standard for what the newly created division should look like. It didn’t take long before he made his way to the prestigious Mr. Olympia stage to compete with the best. Read more