Is Rob Lipsett Natural?

Who Is Rob Lipsett?

Rob Lipsett is one of Ireland’s top fitness social media influencers, sponsored athlete, and entrepreneur. He started his popular YouTube channel back in 2014 after deciding that fitness was his one true passion. Although his content has always revolved around health & fitness, Rob opened himself up to his loyal following and decided to share all of the important parts of his life by venturing into vlogging.

His Youtube channel is filled with tons of informational bodybuilding videos that talk about training, dieting, and supplementation. He also vlogs all of his trips around the globe and shares some of his most valuable tips for becoming successful within the difficult fitness niche. We also can’t talk about Rob without mentioning that he’s an Alphalete and MyProtein sponsored athlete.

Rob Lipsett Shredded

Rob Lipsett Stats

Age: 26

Height: 5’9 (175 cm)

Weight: 168lbs (76 kg)

Arms: 17 Inches

Legs: 21.5 Inches

Chest: 42 Inches

Waist: 29 Inches

YouTube and Social Media Career

Rob Lipsett is a unique content creator that focuses on delivering a very personal experience for his viewers. Unlike most fitness personalities, Rob has actually somewhat distanced himself from the hardcore bodybuilding lifestyle and has managed to show his followers that the gym isn’t always the most important part of the day.

Although his popularity is widely attributed to his awesome videos that cover bodybuilding, cooking, and supplementation – he quickly evolved and transformed into something much bigger. As his channel grew, he saw the opportunity to expand his horizons and focus on sharing his life outside the hectic discipline.

Rob Lipsett Physique

Fitness is still a very active and important part of his content but it has taken on a completely different form. Whereas before his videos were centered on teaching people how to build their physiques – he’s now focused on showing his followers how to be successful by doing what you love and balancing it with a healthy lifestyle.

If crazy adventures around the world mixed with fitness are your cup of tea – you should definitely subscribe to his channel. There’s never a dull moment and you’ll have a hard time finding someone with a better attitude than Rob. His personality and positive outlook on life will surely get you motivated to reach your own goals.

Is He Natural?

Two of the biggest factors that allowed Rob to get such a huge following are his charisma and physique. The fact that he managed to build his body while studying and then working a full-time job while starting YouTube is extremely impressive. Some of his followers are probably in a similar situation and constantly manage to find great advice and positivity in his content creation.

Rob Lipsett may not be the biggest, leanest, or strongest fitness personality out there – but his physique is nothing short of impressive. He is very dedicated and always makes sure to train 5-6 times a week while keeping his diet in check. His supplementation is also always on point and he’s a very active individual which means that he always gets his cardio in, some way or another.

Rob Lipsett Cheat Meal

There’s no denying that Rob Lipsett has built his incredible physique through years of hard work and dedication. For many, his body represents the ideal standard of what a natural physique should look like. We believe that Rob Lipsett has great bodybuilding genetics and is 100% natural.

He’s actually talked Crazy Bulk Cuttingabout the subject before and he personally believes that he has –for the most part- reached his natural bodybuilding limit.

If you’ve followed him over the years you’ve probably noticed that he hasn’t gotten drastically bigger and that his strength hasn’t skyrocketed.

His physique has evolved and improved consistently over time, but all these changes can definitely be achieved naturally and are a direct result of hard work and great genetics. We also believe that he still has room to improve his build without having to use any form of performance enhancement.

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