Is Steve Cook Natural?

Who Is Steve Cook?

Steve Cook is easily one the most popular figures in the entire bodybuilding & fitness industry. Although Steve first made waves by winning the Muscle & Fitness male model search in 2010 – his fame went through the roof when he made his way into the spotlight by winning the fit body contest that same year. Steve quickly became the face of the world’s biggest and most popular fitness website.

Steve Cook Abs

Steve Cook Stats

A lot of experts claim that there’s no better way to analyze an athlete’s natural bodybuilding status than by looking at their stats. Others would strongly disagree, but there’s no denying that stats such as height and weight can give us a good idea of where that person stands. Someone who is taller and has a larger frame will definitely carry more muscle than a shorter person. Sadly, there isn’t really any information out there regarding his specific measurements for legs, arms, chest, etc. Read more