Is Amanda Bucci Natural?

Who Is Amanda Bucci?

Amanda Bucci is a successful business and lifestyle coach that first made waves on social media as a fitness influencer. Her trajectory within the health and fitness industry has truly been nothing short of amazing.

Although Amanda originally got her start as a fitness vlogger on YouTube; she eventually gravitated towards the business side of social media and is now a very accomplished entrepreneur.

Her unique personality, impressive physique, and quality content quickly positioned her as one of social media’s most recognizable female fitness athletes.

Amanda Bucci

Amanda Bucci’s physique is truly the perfect embodiment of what can the female human body is capable of achieving through hard work, persistence, and dedication.

With an incredible physique and nearly one million combined followers on social media; it’s not hard to see why so many people look up to her for motivation on a daily basis.

But, is Amanda Bucci Natural? Here’s what we think.

Amanda Bucci Stats

Age: 25

Height: 5’3 (160cm)

Weight: 122lbs (55kg)

Waist: 24.5 Inches

Hips: 37 Inches

Legs: 22.5 Inches

Shoulders: 39 Inches

Arms: 11 Inches

Body Fat: 21%

Amanda Bucci Measurements

Bikini Competitor and Social Media Influencer

Amanda first achieved popularity after she began posting videos on YouTube that revolved around her preparation leading up to one of the toughest bodybuilding competitions in the country – the NPC USA Championships.

In these videos, she documented her journey to the competitive stage and shared a series of valuable tips on training, dieting, cooking, etc. Her channel also served as a platform in which she shared her thoughts and opinions on different life subjects.

It didn’t take long before she became a household name in the fitness industry and things quickly escalated from there. Amanda would later become a sponsored athlete and would focus her full attention on promoting the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle on social media.

Amanda Bucci Bikini Competition

After winning several competitions, becoming an important social media influencer and inspiring hundreds of thousands of people – Amanda shifted her focus towards entrepreneurship; taking a step back from the demanding world of competitive fitness.

Unlike many bikini competitors that shy away from showcasing the up and downs of competing; Amanda did the total opposite and shared both the good and the bad associated with being a bikini athlete. Eventually, she gravitated away from the competitive side of fitness and focused on just being and looking healthy.

As impressive as her physique is, she managed to build her reputation because of her unique outlook on the fitness lifestyle. Her personality, charisma, and approach to doing things truly played a key role in making her stand out in the competitive world that is social media.

Is Amanda Bucci Natural?

There’s no denying that Amanda Bucci built one the best female physiques on social media. Both her competition and offseason shapes are goal physiques for countless women who follow her on a daily basis.

Even though it's believed that some female athletes have used some form of performance enhancement to build their bodies – we believe that Amanda Bucci built her physique 100% naturally.

A quick glance at her training and nutrition videos on YouTube clearly shows how hard she has worked to build her physique. Squats, deadlifts, and other compound movements are a staple in her workout routines. She lives, breathes, and trains like an elite athlete.

Amanda Bucci Offseason

It goes without saying that Amanda is known for her small waist and impressive lower body development. Although, her upper body is nothing short of impressive.

Even in the offseason, she’s always in amazing shape. This is probably due to the fact that she always stays on top of her diet and training. Plus, she knows when to back off and take a day off to let her body rest and recover.

There’s no reason to believe that Amanda has ever used any form of enhancement to improve the appearance of her physique. She simply has unbelievable genetics and a work ethic that’s extremely difficult to match by anyone.

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